Vision 2024

Unity of Purpose - With God Through Jesus, With Each Other at Legacy, and With Churches in the City.

More than Unity - Unity of Purpose

"Unity" has become somewhat of a buzzword in Christian circles. It effectually means that we like and support one another, which is a great thing and a good place to start. But is it what Jesus meant when He prayed to the Father "that all of them may be one" or is it something more? How are we supposed to have "complete unity" when there is so much that divides us? In this series, we explore what Jesus wants for us in 2024. As a church, we are being called back to Unity of Purpose, first with God through Jesus, second with each other at Legacy, and then with the other churches in the city.

How living out of your purpose changes the course of your life.
How Unity of Purpose with Jesus transforms our lives.
How we understand "The Church" and how it helps us fulfill our purpose.
How we participate in the greater work of God in the city