The Giving Truck

Local Generosity Project

What is The Giving Truck?

A vehicle to engage and strengthen our community through generosity.

The Basic Idea

We believe God works through even the smallest acts of generosity. The goal of The Giving Truck is to connect people in our community through the spiritual act of giving. Every hot or cold drink we offer is a gift from one person to another. Rather than selling to raise money, we are facilitating people blessing each other. Pretty cool right? You cannot purchase anything for yourself from The Giving Truck, you can only receive and bless others, that's it.

The Dream

We want to build something like this....
or something like this....
on the back of this. Our church's 1954 Chevy 4400

Our dream is to put a high-quality mobile coffee shop on the back of our truck. Similar in design to the trucks pictured above. The Giving Truck, when finished, will be fully equipped with power, refrigeration, water storage and filtration, coffee makers, espresso machines, and everything else you need to do quality hot and cold drinks anywhere. It's going to be awesome.

Follow the Money

"Where your treasure is There your heart will be also" Matthew-6:21

Our heart is to bless and help people. 100% of Giving Truck funds go to projects that help people. Right now funds are going towards building out the back of the truck into a mobile coffee shop that uses this "Give it forward" model to connect people through generosity. Once the truck is finished and is serving around the city it will raise funds and awareness for projects and charities that help and serve people.

Gifts purchased for others are not tax deductible (sorry about that) but general donations to the project, big or small, absolutely are! You can make donations at the link below.

What happens if people only receive and no ones gives?

"It is more blessed to give than to receive" Acts-20:35

Well.....that could happen, but we don't think it will. We believe that most people who receive a gift will want to give a gift in kind. A few people might only care about receiving. Thats ok. If that's where they're at in life then we genuinely want them to be blessed. Who knows, maybe God will use a small gift to inspire them. Other people may not have the ability to do much more than receive. Most of us have been in that place at some point. A small kindness during those times can be a great encouragement.

We really can't presume to know someone's motives or heart about receiving a $3.00 drink. Nor should we care. The point is to be generous and inspire generosity in others. We also can't put conditions on a gift, If we did, it would cease to be a gift! We believe that many people will desire to be generous and will be blessed for it. We have faith that the number of people who are generous will be greater than those who are not.