Word from the Lord given to SueJae Bertolero on 11/19/2015 for Legacy Church   (Shared at prayer meeting on 1/10/2016)


Bible-verses-About-prioritiesMy spirit had been vexed recently over things I was seeing within our congregation. Attendance in church and participation in our small groups seemed to be dropping and becoming optional instead of a priority; fellowship among the saints was less redemptive and uplifting; I saw fewer people making the prayer meetings (always a red flag) and parents not bringing their children to them so they could observe, feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and participate with Him and others (modeling is so important).  I also noticed that for some, watching or participating in sports or recreation among adults or their children was becoming more important or appealing than church or church functions.  Parents were too busy or tired to get their kids to youth group. There was less intentional times of blessing, (like the Sabbath meals) and holidays were celebrated more like the world rather than Christ-focused. I was grieved, and I wondered if the Lord was as well? Was this the legacy we wanted to pass on?

As I prayed for our church one morning my spirit was troubled. Something seemed to be fading away, growing dimmer within our Body… Our passion, vision, and purpose appeared not as clear, focused or strong as it once was, nor were our people. When I asked God what was happening, I heard one word: "Diluted". We had become diluted as individuals and as a Body.


According to the dictionary, the definition of “Diluted” is to make weaker by addition of water or the like; to reduce the strength, force or efficiency of by adding something.

Oh Lord, please forgive us! What have we added to our lives that has taken away the joy and passion of our faith as well as the ability and desire to pass it on? By not being intentional in our priorities and the way we walk out our Christian faith, by adding too much of the world and our own desires and even our unchecked sinful attitudes, we are diluting the heritage we want to pass on to our children, our grandchildren and other believers. If we do not evaluate our lives and the example we are setting to those we care about, soon we will become like a pitcher of weak, lukewarm tea… comforting no one, refreshing no one, losing its purpose and best thrown away… Diluted.

In this day in which we live and in this year to come, we must be strong and intentional in our Faith, passing it on to those we care about and a lost, hurting world. I believe the Lord would have each one of us examine our lives, our priorities, our purpose as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ while here on this earth and ask ourselves this question:

What have I added to my life over this past year that has diluted my strength, force or efficiency as a Christian and who God called me to be? And what am I willing to let go of?

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