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A Word from the Lord given to SueJae and shared at Prayer Meeting on 10/4/2015


There’s a storm coming, my people. And it is riding in on Clouds of Indifference. It will rain apathy- a sprinkle at first, so you hardly notice it. But a drop here and a drop there and soon your soul is soaked. And the shelter you will be tempted to seek will be Convenience – whatever is quickest, easiest and most accessible.

There is a storm coming, my children; it brings a Wind of Tolerance. Not just a tolerance of the distortion of my Word and the blurring of my morality and Will that has already washed over this nation. That is evil enough. But it is a tolerance in your homes that began as a slight, barely noticeable movement. It has crept in through open doors of hidden sin and windows that have panes cracked with laziness. And it has turned your face just enough to cause the fathers who pray for their children but not with their children to be content with that. It has convinced some that their hobbies and past times have not dulled their witness nor dimmed their light; what you tolerate in the way of entertainment and whose company you seek has changed significantly since you were first saved. This wind of tolerance has caused the mothers to bend to their children’s demands instead of firmly instructing and leading them; it has caused the children to be swayed by the world’s standards and sometimes be blinded to my call of Godliness for them; it has whispered to the lonely, “Compromise!” and to the hurting, “Go elsewhere for your comfort”. It is blowing, my children. Do you not feel it?

There is a storm coming. But a far more dangerous thing has begun to brew in the spiritual atmosphere above than the rains of apathy and indifference and the winds of tolerance. It is the Hail of Entitlements. The atmospheric conditions of the spirit realm must be just right to produce a hailstorm, and the Enemy knows exactly what conditions are needed in your life and the life of my Church to create this destructive downpour. Your soul cries, “I deserve happiness! I deserve rest; I deserve recognition; I deserve this comfort; I need this pleasure; I deserve companionship; I need more money; I deserve to be left alone; I need to feel fulfilled; I demand respect; I demand love…”

All entitlements, children, are Hail from Hell. While rains of apathy soak your spiritual fire and passion and winds of tolerance cause you to drift further and further away from my Word and presence, the Hail of Entitlements, when allowed to form and be released, hurts and wounds not just yourself but all those around you. For each leaves a dent in your soul, a divot of defensiveness, self-pity, disappointment, anger, that you feel justified in keeping. And over time these hailstones can damage your soul to the point that my Spirit is unrecognizable in you.

Yes, there is a storm coming. The principalities and powers of darkness have already unleashed it in this nation, this city, and it is encroaching upon this Body as well.  But take heart! I have been known to still the storms when asked! Calm the waves. Dry up the rains; rebuke the winds. I, the Lord of all Creation, have the power to protect you, precious children. But you must first see the storm, acknowledge the storm, and flee from it by running to My shelter and the umbrella of my covering.

That spiritual umbrella is opened over you only through prayer. For when you pray, you will be covered; your eyes will be opened; you will feel the drops of indifference drying up and the winds of tolerance retreating. Your hail of entitlements will begin to melt into nothingness as your focus shifts back to the Lord who reigns. Then the Son of peace will drain the upcoming storms of all their power in your life and the life of My Church. But you must pray, beloved. Pray! 


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