Worship Teams

Worship is an integral part of our culture at Legacy—it was prophesied over our church that “our doors would be called salvation and our walls praise.”  In other words, praise and worship is what holds everything up and surrounds everything we do.  When you’re on the worship team at Legacy, you are a worship leader—and given the elevated role worship plays in our church, that is a weighty charge indeed.  In a way, we see our worship leaders as the guardians of our church’s culture—it is their role to fully grasp and embody our church’s attitude toward worship, both to give God His due and to teach our congregation to do the same.

All the while, we also take seriously the instructions of the worship leader King David: “Play skillfully and shout for joy.” (Psalm 33:3) Though worship leading is far from a performance, there is certainly a level of skill involved—we believe the Lord is worthy of our very best, and that includes our preparation and talents as well as our whole heart.  Being a worship leader, we believe, can be among the more challenging and rewarding ministry opportunities offered here at Legacy.

If you have skills in music, believe you have a firm grasp on the worship culture at our church, and (most importantly) feel the call from the Lord to pursue worship ministry, our worship coordinator Seth Scott would be happy to talk to you.

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