What should I expect?

When you come to The Legacy Church on a Sunday morning you will notice right away that we don't meet in a typical church building. Every Sunday we transform the cafeteria at Ahwahnee Middle School into a house of worship, complete with lights, video, sound, stage, and curtains. Once inside you'll completely forget you’re in a cafeteria.

You can expect to be greeted at the door by a friendly face. Those greeters are there to answer any questions you might have, so feel free to ask, they’ll be happy to help. Legacy people have a reputation for being super friendly. In addition to the greeters you’ll probably be meeting some new people and likely making some new friends!

One of our Pastors will start the worship service at 10:00 am by asking everyone to greet each other before he prays and worship begins.

Worship at the Legacy is not typically a sit down affair. We believe that worship is something to participate in so you’ll see a lot of people standing, clapping, and singing along. Worship is a great experience and people at our church really get into it. Sitting or standing, singing, clapping, or not, we encourage everyone to participate as much as they feel comfortable and nobody’s going to look at you weird, judge you, or make you feel bad either way.

After worship there are a few announcements and we will all fill out the connection cards in the bulletins. One of our Pastors will share a message that will help you understand God, yourself, others, or the world around you better.

At the end of the message we’ll sing one last song together while we collect the offerings, (which is totally optional) and the connection cards that you filled out earlier.

At this point the service is officially over but people will typically hang out for a while talking, catching up, or getting to know each other. Feel free to hang out as long as you like!

Now that you know what to expect when you visit The Legacy we hope to see you Sunday!

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