Foundations are built early, and our ministry teams are hard at work! They know toddlers are explorers and they use their natural curiosity to draw them into the wonder of God’s truth about the world and who they are. Through Bible lessons, activities and structured play time we lead these eager learners into fun experiences that will soon sprout into deeper understanding as they mature and grow. Throughout the week, parents are encouraged to build on these lessons with questions and stories of their own to deepen those roots that are growing so strong.

In this class, we gather all little learners who are toddling from ages 18 months through 3 years and offer them a safe environment to explore God’s truth and to learn the basics of getting along with others. We teach them to have loving hearts and serving hands as they actively engage in the gospel. Children may be dropped off at 9:30am and picked up promptly after the conclusion of the service.

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