The Rock

Children need both strong roots and steady wings and our fun-filled, zany children’s ministry teams know just how to establish those things in kids! This is how we do it. First, we want to continue to feed and nurture the roots of our school age children by offering a steady diet of truth about who God is who he says we are. Second, we want to teach them how to interpret the world around them in terms of that truth which has become their foundation. Through engaging activities and thought-provoking discussions our kids explore those things that are critical in their world; from learning about the origins of the earth, to discussing appropriate relational issues, to examining world events and using the word of God to interpret what they are seeing happening around them, our leaders have it as their mission to teach kids how to live out their faith at church, at home and at school.

Children in this ministry range from 1st to 6th grade. While the younger children soak up and internalize the truths that are new to them, the older children begin to step into mentoring roles as prayer leaders and participants in the lessons, activities and worship ministry. As the unique quality of each child is discovered, leaders make every effort to encourage the growth of that child in those areas. By the time a child graduates from the Rock, they have developed strength in their roots and are prepared to soar into the youth program already having developed a servant’s heart and a desire to step up into active ministry.

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