The Emmaus Project

Did that really just happen? Why didn’t we understand before? How could we have gone so long without recognizing? These are the types of questions the two disciples that meet Jesus on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24: 13-35) must have been asking. They are also the questions that young people who “know about” Jesus have when they “experience” Jesus for the first time.

The Emmaus Project is a place where young people (in junior high and high school) can find out what it’s like to have a real, meaningful, and life altering encounter with Jesus Christ of their own. Young people may not always know what they want but they know what they don’t want. What they don’t want is to be old. Older is fine but old, that is unacceptable. For many young people, much of what they know about Jesus is associated with their parent’s faith or their grandparent’s faith and it feels, well... old. Maybe it is old, maybe it isn't, but what’s important is that young people understand that Jesus is real and relevant regardless of age. He wants to walk with them through their lives and show them things along the way. In the Emmaus Project, we believe (and have seen) that when a teenager has a real encounter with Christ, somewhere between where they start and where they end up, they leave the path they would have previously chosen for themselves to follow Him on His.

The Emmaus Project meets every Tuesday night at The Legacy Conference Center from 7:00 – 9:00


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