Sharp Men Ministries

Are you a man? How do you know? When did you become a man? Who told you were a man? In our world's culture it is difficult for most men to answer those basic questions and yet those are the questions that are the very foundations of who we are as men. In the Sharp Men Ministry one of our core convictions is that men have a universal need to recover their true masculinity. The first step in achieving this is to return to our Maker and be reconciled to how He made us and designed us to be. To help us achieve this purpose, we teach about biblical masculinity and authentic manly traits; how God has uniquely made men and specifically designed us for a unique and specific reason and purpose. We achieve this at our regular Sharp Men Breakfasts where we continue “The Eternal Conversation” with great food and great speakers. We have a yearly Man Camp which has been changing the lives of men since it started in 2009. We also have regular events like softball games, barbecues, and our Shoot Out for no other reason but that we enjoy each other’s company. Whatever state you find yourself in your masculine journey you have brothers who are here to help you along the way.

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