Legacy Choir

Singing plays a prominent role in Scripture – many pivotal events in the history of the Bible had singers and worship leaders as central characters. For instance, 2 Chronicles 5:13-14 reveals that the Spirit of the Lord entered Solomon's Temple for the very first time while the singers were offering praises to the Lord. In chapter 20 of the same book, the singers were even sent into battle ahead of the army to "praise the beauty of Holiness" (v. 21) – and again in Chapter 29, Solomon's descendant Hezekiah restores temple worship with singers again in a place of honor. Nehemiah 12:31-42 outlines in detail the
"thanksgiving choirs" organized by Nehemiah to commemorate the dedication of the newly rebuilt Jerusalem wall.

Worshipers at Legacy could very well be called a "thanksgiving choir" – we sing to magnify and extol the Lord, raising our voices and our hearts to Him in gratitude for His presence, blessings, and salvation. And just like the front-line singers of Biblical times, we need saints of God with a heart for worship and skills in singing to lead our congregation in worship and praise of the Most High God. If you love music, love the Lord, and love to sing, you sound like the perfect candidate to join the Legacy Singers!

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