Knights of the Green Cross

Though our 21st-century landscape seems conspicuously devoid of fire-breathing reptiles, we believe there are certainly some modern-day dragons that could use a good vanquishing. Our culture is rife with compromise, sexual excess, and immaturity; virtues such as integrity, loyalty, courage, chastity, hospitality, courtesy, accountability, frugality and humility seem to collect more dust with each passing generation; the world continually competes against the still, small voice of the Almighty with ever more pervasive and ever less-substantial noise; and, most daunting of all, society seems to have forgotten what it means to be a man, much less to train one to fulfill his God-given role as defender of the faith and protector of the church. As C. S. Lewis observed, "We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise... We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful."

"No more!" we say. It's high time for men of courage to step up, lead courageously, and tap into their inner fire. It's time for a new age of honorable men who can fight the dragons of our world (sensuality, excess, and lawlessness) without neglecting the dragons of our flesh (passivity, gluttony, and pride). It's time for men to stop trying to fight these dragons alone, but to band together with other men – men with faith in their hearts, courage in their belly, and fire in their bones. In short, it's time to reawaken chivalry in the modern Christian man.

If this charge appeals to you, then you may be a candidate to join the Knights of the Order of the Green Cross, a band of Christian men dedicated to pursuing the ideals of ancient chivalry and living out the example of the manliest Man who ever lived, Jesus Christ. As far as we know, the KOGC is the first legitimate ecumenical chivalric order of knighthood ever to arise in the United States, and it started right here at The Legacy Church in Fresno, CA. If you’re interested in learning more about the order, how it started, what it does, and how to get involved, visit

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