Holy Smokes

A small group for men who desire to study classic chivalrous manhood while enjoying their favorite pipe and tobacco or cigar. It has been said that no man behaves as an ideal man all the time but the best men never cease yearning to do so. Unfortunately most men today don't even know the first thing about what characterizes a manly man. The modern concept of a manly man is all smoke and no substance, but the yearning to live chivalrously is a constant from one millennium to the next. There is, in the heart of every man the proverbial "angel in the marble" just waiting to be loosed to live in an authentic and manly way. Men with such a burning desire won't mind a bowl full of learning about what characterizes the quintessential, manly man and how such a man responds to the issues of our day. As the saying goes “You fix the man, you fix the world."

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