Food Pantry

“Do you love me?” Jesus once asked His disciple, Peter. “Of course,” said Peter. “Then feed My sheep.” If loving Jesus means feeding the hungry then we want to do just that. On the first Sunday of every month donations of dry and canned goods are collected from the congregation. Those goods, as well as a limited supply of hygiene products, are available to those in need. This ministry serves the needs of those within the congregation first. Then local organizations call with referrals to use our food pantry for those in the community in need of food. Each year, several Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets are put together by our small groups and distributed to families who need a little extra help during the holidays.

Our Food Pantry Ministry was birthed after a family in the congregation was laid off from work for several months. The church pulled together and blessed the family with food to get through their difficult time. After their time of hardship, the family had a passion to give back the blessings they received. Since then our Food Pantry Ministry has blessed and provided food and grocery gift cards for hundreds of families over the years. To receive from this ministry please contact our church office during office hours. Special arrangements for pick up and drop off services can be arranged by our church secretary.

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