Dragon Seed – Table Top RPG

Not everybody is born with the natural ability to log and memorize large amounts of Scripture without lots of effort and study. Not everybody has the inclination or the time to understand the nuances of spiritual warfare, and how one can strengthen their authority in Christ to break the strongholds of the Enemy. And even for those who do have these abilities, few of them have an arena to put them into practice: to role-play scenarios that hone their ability to share the Gospel, defend the Christian faith, apply Scripture to situations in their everyday lives – and have fun doing it.

So we created a game that does just that. This game is for believers who wish to learn how to apply Scripture and grow in spiritual maturity; it is for seekers who want to know more about the Christian God in a non-threatening, hospitable environment; and it is for anyone who enjoys having fun with other people.

This game is called The DragonSeed Conspiracy, a tabletop role-playing game that upholds Christian virtues, teaches about spiritual warfare, and encourages the use and memorization of Scripture – all in the context of a fantasy world created as an allegory of the Christian faith. This game uses an intuitive gameplay system (OGL 3.5) that is easy to pick up – and those familiar with role-playing games will be able to jump right in and experience gameplay on par with any other tabletop role-playing game on the market today.

If you're over 16 and are interested in exploring the world of Damah as a member of the divine Ecclesiae, contact Pastor Ben at the church office for more information.

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