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  • Run like a girl

    Run like a girl

    Run ‘like a girl’ means to not only be who God made us to be… a girl, but a girl who can win the race!


  • Drowning is Silent

    Drowning is Silent

    Do you know what drowning looks like? Tips that can help save lives.


  • Four Things to Pray for Your Children

    Four Things to Pray for Your Children

    God uses our prayers. Here is a great article from Christina Fox.


  • Smart Money Smart Kids

    Smart Money Smart Kids

    In this world of self indulgence, how do we teach ourselves as well as our children the principals of delayed gratification and the blessing of contentment?


  • Plugged In

    Plugged In

    Have you ever gone to the movies with your family just to sit there with regret that you subjected them to something inappropriate? Going to the movies these days can be a gamble.  Well, you can now take the guess work out of going to the movies! There is a website that can help us as Christians make informed decisions Continue Reading


  • Drive-by Parenting

    Drive-by Parenting

    Game changing parenting tools in a bite size format for the time you actually have!