The Legacy Christian Church, (formerly the Fresno Christian Growth Center) was officially incorporated in May 1981, after a Bible study led by Peter and SueJae Bertolero began bursting at the seams. What started in 1978 as a few people gathering to study the Bible, became 50 people stuffed into a small townhouse apartment. This is what led to the birth of the Fresno Christian Growth Center, pastored by Dr. F. Peter Bertolero.

Dr. Bertolero is both a Theologian and a Pastor. He has led a dynamic and growing church in Fresno, California for the last 29 years. His three doctorates include Theology, Philosophy and Christian Leadership.

From 1979 to 2006, our church has occupied various buildings and locations around the Fresno area in order to accommodate the size of our congregation. In January 2007 our church name was officially changed to The Legacy Christian Church in order to better state the mission and purpose of our church. The positive reception and acceptance of our name change was extraordinary. In June of 2007 we were forced to shed the traditional idea of a church building and become a mobile church to make room for our ever-growing congregation. We currently hold our Sunday services at Ahwahnee Middle School but that may soon be changing as we have once again grown to our buildings capacity. We believe that the Lord will be moving us into a larger, more permanent building in 2014!

To be continued…

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