• Conquer Series

    Conquer Series

    Whether you struggle or not, chances are you know someone who struggles with pornography or other forms of sexual sin....


  • Legacy Choir

    Legacy Choir

    Singing plays a prominent role in Scripture – many pivotal events in the history of the Bible had singers and...


  • Ladies Craft Night

    Ladies Craft Night

    Can a love for crafting be used by the Lord? Absolutely! Once a month, this group of creative people encourages...


  • Holy Smokes

    Holy Smokes

    A small group for men who desire to study classic chivalrous manhood while enjoying their favorite pipe and tobacco or...


  • Cross Culture

    Cross Culture

    We believe that God created us to be in community, not to live life on our own. At Cross Culture...


  • Dragon Seed – Table Top RPG

    Dragon Seed – Table Top RPG

    Not everybody is born with the natural ability to log and memorize large amounts of Scripture without lots of effort...