What would happen if you had more time to spend on your faith, your family, your friendships, or your future? It's safe to say they would probably change for the better. We believe those are the very areas God wants our church to focus on during the season of Lent. But who has that much time? As it turns out, we all do! 

The Legacy Unplugged series challenges us do just that Unplug. We invite you to join in the Legacy Unplugged Challenge, a church wide, 40 day, Lenten media fast designed to help us temporarily unplug from things like social media, netflix, tv and movies, that take up so much of our time, and plug into better things like our faith, our families, our friendships and ultimately, our futures. Don't stress, give a listen to the first message, it's not as hard as it might sound. But even if it was, wouldn't it be worth it to see what God could do in the most important areas of your life if you gave Him the time?

Click here for more information on the Legacy Unplugged Challenge

After the first message where Pastor Andy challenges us to UNPLUG, All three pastors will be weighing in throughout Lent with weekly challenges to help us PLUG-IN. 

Feb 26th - Legacy Unplugged | Pastor Andy White

March 5th - Plug Into Faith | Pastor Pete Bertolero

March 12th - Plug Into Family | Pastor Andy White

March 19th - Plug Into Friendships | Pastor Ben Bertolero

March 26th - Plug Into Your Future | Pastor Pete Bertolero

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